Our Services

McCorp Finanical Planners provides you with leadership, direction and accountability for your financial affairs - all through a single point of contact.

Our services focus on tailored, strategic financial advice across a wide range of areas including:

  • Investments (asset allocation managed funds / listed investments)
  • Superannuation
  • Banking Services (savings, debt, gearing)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Executive Remuneration Structures

Regardless of how complex or wide-ranging your financial requirements may be, if we do not have the specific expertise in-house to deal with a situation, we are able to access the skills required through our expert panel of service providers.

Please see below for some further details on the services we provide:

  • Wealth accumulation and investment planning

Successful investing is not about picking the latest investment trend, it’s about making sure your money is managed to get you where you want to go. That means using investment techniques that help you grow and protect your wealth in a way that aligns with your needs, time horizon, attitude to risk and personal circumstances.

  • Superannuation planning and retirement planning

The right choices now can make life a lot more comfortable when you stop working. Recent changes to superannuation have added extra flexibility and extended the already significant tax benefits. However it is still a complex product and the key to making the most of it lies in the structure you choose and how you contribute.

Your financial consultant can help you choose the right type of fund, show you relevant investment options, and select an optimal contribution strategy to maximize the tax effectiveness of your super.

If you are still working, or moving into retirement, your financial consultant can work with you to build your retirement capital in the most tax-effective manner and provide practical advice on options that meet your long-term needs.

  • Taxation management

Every dollar you save through sensible tax planning is a dollar you can invest for your future. Effective taxation planning is a vital part of Godfrey Pembroke’s investment advice and an integral part of your financial plan.

  • Cash flow management

Cash flow management is of critical importance for our retired clients. We actively manage our portfolios to ensure income is coming in to make required or desired pension payments.

We can also assist in cash flow management for clients with more complicated affairs, who may require investment income for regular ongoing expenses.

  • Estate planning

You’ve worked all your life to create wealth so that your family enjoys financial security. Estate Planning aims to ensure that your wishes live on after you’ve gone.

Working with your solicitor, your financial consultant can develop suitable estate planning strategies to help you pass on your wealth efficiently, and tax-effectively, to best provide for those you care for. This often involves using estate planning tools such as Wills, testamentary discretionary trusts, binding death benefit nominations (for your superannuation) and Powers of Attorney.

  • Lending/Debt management services

Used wisely, debt can be a key tool for creating wealth. Your financial consultant can help you use debt to maximise your cash flow or build a tax-effective investment portfolio.

Specialist services for individuals

Depending on your individual needs, your financial consultant can provide or source a range of specialist financial advice.

  • Executive financial planning

We have a tailored service for executives, professionals and senior managers. In addition to the typical financial planning services this includes specialist advice on tax, salary packaging, superannuation and employee share plans and option schemes.

  • Expatriate financial services

Working overseas can be great for your career, but can complicate your finances. We can coordinate expert legal and taxation advice to help you integrate all your investment, superannuation and property decisions – wherever you and your money are located.

  • Redundancy and early retirement counselling

We can help you make the most of what can be a difficult time.

Your financial consultant can help you maximise the value of any payments you receive from your employer, and advise you on superannuation, taxation and social security issues.